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I Made My Choice, Now What?

To make a smooth transition to college, you have to pay attention to what your school asks you to do before the semester starts. Be sure to submit all needed documents (such as updated transcripts, immunization records, and housing forms) and find out if your school requires any placement tests or orientation programs.


  • Can I lose my spot if I have already been accepted?

    Yes, when a college accepts you, the admissions office gives a deadline by which to tell them if you are going to attend. Take note of the deadline. If you are late, you could lose your place. The college will send you instructions about what to include with your decision letter. Pay close attention.

  • What deposits will I have to pay? Can I use financial aid to pay them?

    Many colleges require that you pay a deposit (between $25 and $300) to hold your place. This usually called the “admissions deposit”. If you plan to live on campus, you will probably have to pay a housing deposit as well to hold your room. Deposits are usually non-refundable, but will be subtracted from your bill when you enroll. Deposits are due before your financial aid will be released, so you will have to save up or get help to pay them up front.

  • My friend had to take some placement tests. How do I know if I have to take a test?

    Check with your college to find out about specific testing requirements. If you are entering a CUNY school, you must take the CUNY Assessment Tests in reading, writing, and mathematics (unless you demonstrated that you meet the University's skills proficiency requirements based on SAT, ACT, or NY State Regents test scores). If any of your scores on the CUNY Assessment Tests are below the minimum level set by CUNY, you will need to take non-credit basic skills (remedial) classes in that area. It is strongly recommended you prepare for the placement tests before you take them. Some practice questions and other information can be seen here.

  • I haven’t heard back from the college I decided to attend. Classes start in a month. What should I do?

    There are steps that you have to take before enrolling in school, like taking placement tests and turning in your immunization records. If you haven’t heard from the college since you accepted their offer, you should call and email the admissions office. Confirm that you will be enrolling in the fall and ask them to re-send information about the steps you need to take before then.

  • Do I have to attend orientation?

    Yes, attend orientation. This is often mandatory, and allows you to get to know your campus and register for classes.

  • I have a learning disability, is there anything different I should do?

    If you had an Individualized Educational Program (IEP) in high school, or you know that you have a learning disability, check with the Office of Disability Services at your campus to find out what type of paperwork you need to provide to ensure that you get the support you need.

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