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2015 College Enrollment Tip Sheets

by NYC College Line
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NYC College Line

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60 college enrollment tip sheets for 2-year and 4-year CUNY colleges, SUNY colleges and a private universities have been created by an alliance of college access organizations.

These matriculation guides are intended to provide students, families, mentors, and counselors with the information that students need to enroll in college successfully.  

In addition to using the appropriate college enrollment tip sheet, it is important that students remain in close contact with their intended college during the summer before they enroll - and that they regularly check their mail, their school email address and school portal account for incoming information.

If students are not receiving regular emails or letters from their college, they should contact the Admissions Office immediately.  Contact CollegeSuccess@imentor.org if there are any questions about these matriculation guides.

All 2015 Matriculation Guides


2015 Matriculation Guides for CUNY Colleges


2015 Matriculation Guides for SUNY Colleges




  • NYC College Line
    NYC College Line

    @ jiehongwu - Thank you for your comment. Regarding the enrollment sheets the team identified the steps that were most common to registering for college, and then created individual guides with school specific information. Even though has a couple of steps on financial aid, the links and contact information are specific to each school. We hope you still find them useful. If you have more questions feel free to contact us, or contact CollegeSuccess@imentor.org directly. Thanks again!

  • jiehongwu

    I feel all enrollment sheets are the same.

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