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Counselor Sign-Up-A-Student Raffle Contest

by NYC College Line
09/30/14 Bookmark
NYC College Line

NYC College Line provides students and education professionals with answers to their college questions through expert advice and connections to local programs and events.


Enter to win up to 25 application fee grants for a CUNY college!

NYC College Advising Community!

NYC College Line is excited to bring you an event for both you and your students.  Our first ever "Counselor Sign-Up-A-Student Raffle Contest". 

We are granting a total of 45 application fee grants for CUNY schools to three (3) randomly chosen advisers, who can then offer them to their high school seniors when they are applying to a CUNY college.


  • 1st Level earns 25 application fee grants for CUNY
  • 2nd level earns 15 application fee grants for CUNY
  • 3rd level earns 5 application fee grants for CUNY

How Does It Work

Generate a personal URL from your NYC College Line profile, and share it with students to sign up to NYC College Line.

  • Sign In to your NYC College Line Account.  If you don't have an account, Sign Up today.
  • Go to "View My Profile" and click the "Referral Contests" option in the menu.
  • Generate your own NYC College Line Sign Up Link
  • Share your link with your students and tell them to sign up to NYC College Line.
  • Every five (5) students who sign up - using YOUR link - gets you an entry into the raffle contest.  For example, 5 students = 1 entry.  10 students sign up = 2 entries.  25 students sign up = 5 entries.


Why Sign Up to NYC College Line?

We love New York - and our New York City community and student population.  Students may be loaded down with stress trying to figure out the paths of how to get to college.  We're here to help them and to help you with tons of information, resources and financial support.   

Signing Up for NYC College Line gives students and advisers access to:

  • Free scholarship money and prizes all-year long;
  • A 24/7 connection to live NYC College Advisers - ask questions 365 days a year; 
  • and financial aid info, free test programs and more resources throughout New York City!




  • NYC College Line
    NYC College Line

    @ NFerizgordon,

    What a caseload of seniors you have! No, we will not ask those who have registered with us, how they were referred. Your link must be used as the "sign-up link" - it includes a special code tied directly to you. As of yet, we have not experienced any issues with the link not working, but email us directly at info@nyccollegeline.org , and we're happy to walk you through the process step by step to ensure your link has generated.

  • RHI College Readiness
    RHI College Readiness

    Is the site down? I'm attempting to register for this competition and the page won't load.

  • NYC College Line
    NYC College Line

    @ RHI College Readiness,

    No, the site is up and working. There had not been any reports of it being down. Registrations are working, too. Please try again, and if you continue to experience issues, send us an email: info@nyccollegeline.org

  • NFerizgordon

    I really need them! I have 733 seniors! 80% Free and Reduced Lunch, but not sure the link generated properly...Will they be asked if they were referred, if the link doesn't work?

  • joconnell2

    Awesome opportunity. Thanks. I've got 791 seniors, over 200 of whom have free lunch, so THANK YOU!

  • cclark2@schools.nyc.gov

    Thank you for the help. 628 seniors!!

  • NYC College Line
    NYC College Line

    Thanks for the feedback - and you're welcome. :-) The response has been really positive, so we're glad to know it's being well received.

  • CAScaco6839

    So how do I enter the contest to win the fee waivers?

  • mishy215

    There does not appear to be a way to register for the scholarship,

  • NYC College Line
    NYC College Line

    The contest ends Friday, October 31st at 11:59pm EST. Entering is really simple. Once you sign in to your NYC College Line account, go to your profile page. Use the "View My Profile" link at the top of the page. On your profile page you will see a menu item labeled "Raffle Contest" - click on it. The Raffle Contest page will include all the information you need to create your personal link. Just scroll down to the middle of the page until you reach the pink colored tile that reads "Generate Your Own NYC College Line link to Start!". Click the button that says "Generate". And that's all to it. Once your link is generated, you can copy and paste it into email addresses or blank word docs and share. Or you can click the social share buttons to share also.

    If you still are having trouble, email us with a phone number and we'll walk you through it on the phone. We're at: info@nyccollegeline.org

  • NYC College Line
    NYC College Line

    @mishy215 -
    Right here on this blog post, at the top there blue button labled "Sign In and Enter Contest". If you click that it will automatically take you to your profile page where there is a "Raffle Contest" menu option. Click Raffle Contest, scroll to the middle of that page and in the pink tile click the dark blue button that reads "Generate". That will automatically create your personal URL. Once your personal link is created, you can copy and paste it (Ctrl+C to copy, and Ctrl+V to paste) into an email or word document and share. Or you can use the Facebook or Twitter icons to share on your personal social accounts.

    If you are still experiencing trouble, email us with your contact number. We'll call you and walk you through it. We're at: info@nyccollegeline.org

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