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NYC College Line's 2nd Annual Counselor Contest Winners Are...

by NYC College Line
10/29/15 Bookmark
NYC College Line

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Thanks to all of you who invited your students to join the NYC College Line community during our 2nd Annual Counselor Sign-Up-A-Student Raffle Contest.  We visited our counselors and presented them with their CUNY Application Fee Grants.


1st Place - Stephanie Gluck, 2x winner

Midwood High School (Brooklyn, NY)

2nd Place - Jessica O'Connell

Susan E. Wagner High School (Staten Island, NY)

3rd Place - James Randle

Academy of American Studies (Long Island City, Queens, NY)


Congratulations to our winners!


  • staceydonnar

    I am really happy for the students who qualify for annual contest. Congratulations!
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  • ornarayne

    Congratulations to all the top candidates, as it is a good step by NYC College. This will definitely increase the skills & knowledge of students.
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  • MichaelMitchell

    Congrats man, you are truly providing your worth.
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  • jrodrig32

    Congratulations to my brother James Randle !

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