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Choosing a College

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Sarah Simms

Choosing a College

Sarah Simms

What matters most when choosing a college?



  • Diana George
    Diana George

    I personally think that a college that has a strong academic program centered around your major can help you narrow down your list of colleges. Secondly, when choosing a college take into account the travel distance, the locations of the school, housing availabilities etc. Some colleges have a more campus environment while others are commuter schools. So take those details into account before you decide to attend a college.

  • jenanne

    Great points, thanks!

  • lilicastille

    I agree with Diana! I definitely think looking at overall fit, of which academics and campus environment are a part, is extremely important. Also think about overall affordability. Apply to a number of schools (several in each of the following categories: reach, likely, safety) and then compare the financial aid packages they are offering and what your financial obligation would be during school and upon graduation. Remember, you must fill out the FAFSA form by the deadlines in order to be eligible for financial aid!

  • College Access of Bed-Stuy
    College Access of Bed-Stuy

    Great ideas - I might add college size and class sizes.

  • NatikiM

    All points are valid, but I think that affordability matters most.

  • Lee S
    Lee S

    It depends on the needs of the student, in addition to the affordability of the school.

  • nkellett

    These are all great points! There is also a resource on this website that helps you organize information during your college search so you can compare elements like requirements to get in, type of environment, majors, etc. You can find this chart here or it is the first option when you search college match in this website's search engine.

  • Rizzler

    I'd also take into consideration the environment. You want to make sure you feel comfortable wherever you go. It's great if you can afford a school but if you aren't going to be your best there then you're wasting your resources and may end up in more debt in the long run. If you have a small out of pocket cost at a school that you love and feel at home at and know you will succeed in, I'd go with that. But always stay within range. I'd rather take a small out of pocket cost and know for sure I'll be successful. Rather than go to a school with no out of pocket cost and not feel comfortable and unable to find my niche. You have to weight the costs of every decision. Whatever is most important to you. You have to ask yourself, do you not want loans, do you want to be comfortable, what kind of college experience do you want, can you make it anywhere? etc. Once you've answered these questions and know what is most important you'll have your own answer.

  • allisonward

    Price should always be a factor in university selection, though a fair amount of students know about this. A recent study of recent freshmen by researchers from UCLA found it is becoming a very large factor in their selection of alma mater.

  • Kosmina

    Don't forget to check out the extracurricular activities on and off campus at the colleges you're looking at. You don't want to be stuck at a place that doesn't offer clubs, activities, and organizations that you would like to take part in. It is essential to feel secure in your college choice, and going to college at which you can develop your recreational and professional interests is the best experience for anyone.

  • Imacounselor

    All previous points are great. You want to ultimately feel at home on the campus you choose to attend. You should check out the distance and ease and expense of getting back and forth and factor that in. You should make sure that depending on your background, there is enough diversity for you to feel comfortable. The cost is definitely a factor but should not stop you from applying. Private colleges have a lot of money and may be generous, you won't know that until you apply and then apply for financial aid, also there are all types of scholarships that colleges may offer you based on academics and athletics. Remember to select schools in the reach, target and safety zones- to give yourself the best options of gaining admission somewhere

  • Winston Shellford
    Winston Shellford

    'students shall understand what each college has to offer and what they are looking for. many colleges will not work for students trying to find answers for four years. rention rate and career placement are the two most important facts for many students.'

    June Scortino
    IVY Counselors Network


    Thank you for sharing your ideas and informative matters

  • ChadLSpicer

    Choosing a CollegeThe choice of a college or university should be made wisely because it will greatly influence your future professionally and personally. ... There are four things you should consider when choosing a college; location, size, cost and areas of study offered

  • ElissaAlston

    For higher studies it is necessary to pick the right college for studies as it has direct impact on your future career, for instance: before applying for the admission in the certain college we must consider the courses offered in that college and the previous achievements of that college in terms of results. On the other hand, we should also consider the other facilities provided at the college such as indoor games for relaxation and cafeteria for refreshments.

  • Melissa C. Johnson
    Melissa C. Johnson

    Choosing a college is a very difficult work to do after passing out from our schooling career there are many thing to look before we select a college for us, the environment of the college should be good enough, the faculty of the college is at certain level so we can grasp more knowledge from them, and the most important above all the name of the college.

  • JohnMKeil

    Your major in college is your specialized area of study. Beyond general college requirements, you'll also take a group of courses in a subject of your choosing

  • Ladonna Dunn
    Ladonna Dunn

    Having high aspirations of going on to a graduate or professional school , such as law school or medical school, investigate what percentage of four-year college graduates pursue another degree. This metric gives you some insights about whether the school adequately prepares students for continuing their education, and insights into the probability of follow-through for your academic goals.

    It all comes down to what is most important to you. I would recommend you stop and take the time to really evaluate what aspects of a college are needed in order for you to be happy as you go through school and also what is needed for you to feel fulfilled once you’ve graduated and start into your career. For example, what kind of college experiences do you want to have, in and out of the classroom? What resources or features does a college need to offer in order for it to be a good fit for your personality? In which types of learning environments will you be most likely to excel: online or distance learning verses on-campus learning

  • samberry

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  • salmon54

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