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How are your experiences with roommates ?



  • Burnett28

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  • Nadams03

    In my experience most of my roommates have been pretty open and friendly people: clean enough respect my space, quiet at night, etc. I've had 3 people share one dorm room and it was an exercise in patience. We made it work though. Once receiving your roommate’s contact information, reach out to your future roomies online to get a glimpse into their life before you even see their face.

  • cnb2013!

    I had a few college roommates throughout college; one due to moving to a different dorm and a couple due to them leaving school or moving out of the dorms. I liked most of my college roommates, but will say I loved having a dorm room to myself. I definitely do not recommend moving into a dorm room with a friend though, a great friendship ended because we were only meant to be freinds, not roommates.

  • lilicastille

    Overall, I think my experience with roommates was really good and so important. Though they try to match you with someone who has something in common with you, they only have so much information about you. In this way, you are bound to meet people who are different from you, teach you new things and who give you insights into new experiences and people! I ended up in the single dorm (nobody had roommates) my freshmen year because our class was so big and I think my experience wasn't as enjoyable that first year because of it. It took me a while longer to "find my people".

  • Sharae D. Brown
    Sharae D. Brown

    I had wonderful experiences with college roommates. I am not sure what the formula my school used to match roommates up but I was grateful as a freshman to get matched with an intelligent, focused and fun pre-med sophomore from Milwaukee/Philly who embraced me and showed me the ropes. We were roommates for 3 years until she graduated and are still good friends. In my senior year I also had another roommate who was a senior. We weren't and aren't as close but we are still friends too. I think the key - like most relationships - to a good roommate situation is keeping a positive and open mind, comprising when necessary and communicating effectively. Good luck!

  • Nwadirah

    I remember my first ever roommate experience like it was yesterday. I was living in a two bedroom apartment however, the second bedroom was empty for a while. a few months past by and one of my really close co-worker at the time was looking for a room to rent out. I knew her for about two years by then and informed her about the extra bed room in my apartment. Soon after she moved in and my roommate experience had begun. I've always heard horrible stories about roommates but she was the best and only roommate I've had. We worked out together (running, dancing,etc). We even hung out together ans soon we became best of friends. It was almost weird seeing her all the time because we worked together, lived together and had majority of the same friends . I've never had a sister so she was the closest thing to one. But it soon came to an end when I had to downsize and she had to move out. We still keep in touch but it was never the same as when we were roommates. I miss those days when we were in our own little world.

  • Kosmina

    I commute to college right now, but in the future definitely plan to dorm! So many of my friends dorm with a roommate or two, and they say that they are enjoying their college experience much more because they are not only engaged in academics but also in social activities. They say that living with a roommate is not as easy as it seems, because you no longer have only your interests to consider, but over all, it is worth your energy! I agree with the previous post that sharing a living space with your friends is not the best idea because friends usually do not take in account that sharing and taking care of a common living space will not be all fun. But definitely it is worth a try to live with a roommate during your college years

  • cgomb12

    Roommates and dorm life are a huge part of college. I found both of my roommates for my freshman year through Facebook, where we got to know each other prior to deciding to live together. This worked out great for me, especially considering the many random roommate horror stories I have heard. I highly suggest this!

  • McKellar88

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  • Dandrea63

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