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CUNY programs

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CUNY programs


ASAP vs SEEK /CD vs Start
I have a hard time deciphering which program is a best fit for different types of students... ie student who wants to achieve yet, struggles because of lack of preparation due to childcare issues/ working full time jobs vs a student who simply does not seem to have the intrinsic motivation to strive for top grades..and "just wants to pass"



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    CUNY programs can be difficult to decipher but once you familiarize yourself with the eligibility requirements you can match your students with the right fit CUNY program.

    SEEK & College Discovery: are programs for economically disadvantage students who do not meet regular academic admissions requirements but show promise for mastering college-level work.
    SEEK program is based at CUNY 4-year school and College Discovery, (CD), based at the CUNY 2-year schools.

    CUNY Start: is a CUNY 2- year Community College programs that provides intensive preparation in academic reading/writing, math and college success. The program enrolls students who have been accepted into a CUNY college but are not ready for college level work based on their CUNY Assessment test.

    CUNY Start has a full-time program 25 hours a week or a part time program which is 12 hours a week. CUNY Start is convenient for those students with child care concerns or working students. CUNY Start can also help with students that need additional motivation.

    ASAP: Is also a 2-year Community College program that helps motivate students in NYC to earn their degrees as quickly as possible. ASAP students are provided with on-going advisement and academic support and also career counseling. ASAP also provides financial assistance, textbooks and metro cards for eligible students.

    Here’s a link to CUNY special programs with additional information:

    Here’s also an additional link to Opportunity programs for New York State residents:

    I hope this information will assist you with deciphering which program is the right fit for your student.

  • College Connections Project
    College Connections Project

    There’s an alphabet soup of special programs at CUNY. I’d add to that soup (or stew?) CUNY COPE ( COPE provides services to low-income students.

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