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Applying For Ivy Leauge Schools


Should I apply to Ivy League Schools if my G.P.A is less than a 2.0?



  • Risa1195

    You should look at the individual schools profile. This can allow you to check how you measure up to their requirements and averages.

  • lakers24

    I agree, every school has the own set of guidelines of acceptance and enrollment. What is accepted at one school may not necessarily be accepted elsewhere so it is very important to be specific of which school and major your interested in.

  • Diana George
    Diana George

    Ivy League colleges also take your involvement in community, SAT scores, awards, honors program involvement, club and sports activity and teacher recommendation etc. into consideration. If you demonstrate excellence in these areas then there is a chance that they will accept you into their program. Also, if you receive an interview date, you should try your best to make the best impression you can. Dont give up hope! Its worth a try!!
    Option 2: You can go to a regular college for a semester or two and if you excell with high GPA, then you can apply to transfer. Usually when trasferring from another college, Ivy League schools request your college transcript and not high school transcript. Good luck!

  • cklapuri

    Many schools may not have a required GPA but it would be important to take a look at the profile of the students that they are admitting so you have a full picture. Often times schools will post the average GPA or SAT scores of the incoming class and that may help you determine if you would be a good candidate.

  • Cypress Hills
    Cypress Hills

    It doesn't hurt to try! Consider the aspects that you like about the Ivy League colleges you're applying to and be sure to apply to other safety schools with similar traits. Good luck!

  • Gfellow

    All good points.

  • Beverly Ann
    Beverly Ann

    I would be curious to know why a student with a GPA of less than 2.00 would want to apply to an Ivy league college. I thought the advice to transfer after the first year from a different college was good. Also, you can perhaps look at other colleges with the characteristics that you seek from an IVY League college.

  • bigboss11

    I would advise you to apply to safe school because you will probably not get accepted into ivy league college and you will waste your money on application for nothing. So, it's better for you to apply safe college and then transfer to ivy league college.

  • cgomb12

    Ivy league schools are very hard to get into, even for students with A averages. However, they do look into your extracurricular activities and progress throughout high school. If anyone in your family has attended a particular Ivy League you will have a better chance of getting in!

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