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Summer Programs

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Summer Programs


Do colleges have summer programs or offer classes? Can any one share their experience.



  • SanDiego

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  • Cutter2199

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  • Keith8655

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  • Nadams03

    Plenty of the SUNY and community colleges offer summer programs, specifically for students who qualify for HEOP (higher education opportunity program). Tune into the Ask an Adviser section for more information.

  • Nwadirah

    Kingsborough Community College offers early start into college during the summer. Which allow students to begin their college experience before the spring semester. Think of it as getting a head start on earning college credits, I've done it myself and instead of a two year term I'll be done in a year and a half. :)

  • Kosmina

    Different colleges offer different summer opportunities. CUNY schools offer courses to help students gain necessary skills, usually in writing and critical thinking and mathematics, before entering a CUNY college. College Now, a free program, also offers students a chance to take summer classes in CUNY colleges to earn college credits that can then be transferred to CUNY or many other state and private colleges. Private colleges offer tons of summer programs, which usually last for about a month, that offer students great academic and social experiences that show a glimpse of a college experience at that institution. The only downside for participating in a summer program administered by a private college is its cost. Every college offers a different opportunity, so you are better of searching for programs offered by colleges that you are interested in, since you will get a feel of how it will be like to attend that institution.

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