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Quick Start Guide:
  1. Search for college resources using the search bar (which is on every page of this site). Use keywords or simply click the green button to see all results.

  2. Filter your results by resource type above the search results. This allows you to drill down into a specific format of resource, like videos or documents.

  3. You can further refine results by checking the boxes to the left of the search results. As you check filters, your results will automatically refresh to show the most relevant results. Feel free to uncheck results if you get too few or zero results. You can also click "Clear all Filters" to reset all the boxes.

  4. Find something you like? If you sign up for a NYC College Line account (it's free and only takes 1 minute of your time!) you can save these resources to folders in your profile. Once you're signed in, just click on the + button or "Save" to add to a folder or create a new folder. This is a great way to keep your college resources organized!

  5. To see all folders, click on "View my Profile" in the header from anywhere on the site. From there you can review your resources and even email a folder to a friend or relative. 

  6. Don't forget the other advantages of signing up for a NYC College Line account: Ask an Advisor questions, comment on resources, post on the forum and suggest your own college resources. Again, it only takes 1 minute of your time so sign up today!
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