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Phone: 718-368-5175
Contact: Dr. Stella Woodroffe
Email Contact: AAS/kbcc//cuny//edu
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Kingsborough’s Access-Ability Services assists students with documented disabilities by determining their eligibility for services and then working with them to determine reasonable accommodations and services, which will, in turn, give them equal access to the college. It is important for students to remember that, in the post-secondary setting, it is their responsibility to self-identify as students with disabilities and to request disability services. The process starts here at AAS. College can be stressful for most individuals. For individuals with disabilities, it can be a daunting task. AAS helps students with disabilities to recognize their potential by removing potential barriers to their education.

The office also provides support through counseling, tutoring and academic advisement.

*This information is also included in the Crossing the Bridge: A Map to Your College Success resource guide.


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