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Phone: 718-802-3350
Contact:  Tanika Taylor, Admissions Advisor
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The Brooklyn Educational Opportunity Center (BEOC), established in 1966, is part of a New York State network of educational institutions funded by the University Center for Academic and Workforce Development/State University of New York (UCAWD/SUNY), offering academic and career and technical programs. BEOC is locally administered by the New York City College of Technology/City University of New York (NYCCT/CUNY). In its long, 46-year history, Brooklyn EOC has provided tuition-free education and training in a number of academic, developmental, and career programs to academically underprepared and economically underserved adults, including the New York City immigrant population. BEOC is outcomes driven and must meet annual targets for enrollment (1,675), retention (70% of enrollment), completion (60% of enrollment), and other student outcomes (75% of completion) leading to basic literacy, English language proficiency, GED attainment, college admission, and entry-level employment. BEOC’s programming and operations are technology driven, giving our students cutting edge skills and allowing our staff to work in an efficient manner. Digital proficiency, information literacy, and financial education are part of every student’s learning experience. In addition, we have developed a strong academic and non-academic support system to enhance our students’ professional success, career development, and internship/job placement assistance. The BEOC Pre-Freshman Academy/College Preparation Program has been designed to help individuals make the transition into a college, and to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully complete college courses. In this program, students improve their reading and writing skills, learn strategies to become stronger readers, enhance their communication skills, advance their critical thinking abilities, refresh and expand their math knowledge, become computer savvy, learn how to negotiate the academic environment at the college level, and prepare to pass CUNY Assessment Tests (CAT). To encourage more immediate success, as a rule, the applicants are first assigned the subject at which they are stronger. Upon completion of each segment, recommended students are re-tested by the College’s Academic Testing Office on the CUNY assessment portion relevant to the coursework. Since repeating courses is strongly discouraged, students are expected to enroll in college upon completion of the program. Students are expected to have applied to college before enrolling at BEOC or while enrolled in the program. Those who have not applied will not be able to take the CAT re-test. The program is designed for students in need of skills development in English (reading & writing) and Math (pre-algebra and algebra) over 2 terms/15 weeks. Individuals who need intervention in one subject only (English or Math) may register for 1 term/7.5 weeks. Students should plan to spend additional time practicing academic and computer skills. BEOC students come from all five boroughs but mostly from Brooklyn (69%). Our student population is as diversified as that of the City of York. 44% are male and 56% female; 41 % are between 31 and 54 years old. At BEOC, most instructors have graduate degrees, including Master’s degrees, Ph.D.s, and M.D.s. BEOC employs 10 full time and 25 part time faculty who are represented by Professional Staff Congress-CUNY (PSC-CUNY), a CUNY Collective Bargaining Unit.

Who is eligible

18 years old or older (17 with High School Diploma or GED); US Citizen, Permanent Resident or Refugee; Resident of New York State 1 year prior to enrolling; with High School Diploma or GED.

How to apply

Contact the BEOC Admissions Office at 718-802-3330 or On-line -



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