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The Academic Achievement Program (AAP) is a multi-faceted program geared toward self-identified Black, Latino, Native American, and other underrepresented college students who are enrolled at NYU. The program is designed to develop and enhance students’ academic and leadership potential. Today, AAP is a program that attracts the best and the most energetic students attending NYU’s College of Arts and Science. However, through its various programs, AAP provides outreach and services to all students of color University-Wide. Currently, there are approximately 200 students in AAP, which functions as a family away from home for those who actively participate.

AAP offers two student-led programs a week. Rap Session provides an opportunity for students to share and discuss their opinions and perspectives in an open, safe forum. Gamesday offers students opportunities to interact and engage in activities that serve as stress busters. In addition to these two staple programs, AAP proudly hosts the World Changers community-based mentoring program, the AAP Executive Alumni-Network, an in-house Big Brother/Sister academic mentor program, three annual University-Wide Galas, and the Gentlemen of Quality (GQ) program.

Students in the program excel in every aspect of college life and do so through the support of each other and the guidance of their academic advisors. Everything that happens in AAP is done by its members, who in the process learn how to lead, organize, and plan—all skills needed to succeed in life.

The track record of AAP students is remarkable. AAP alumni can now be found at various prestigious medical, law, and other degree programs at Harvard, Columbia, Cornell, NYU, Mt. Sinai, John Hopkins, Tufts and more. AAP has a long legacy of producing successful professionals working in fields such as medicine, law, education, banking, and politics.

*This information is also included in the Crossing the Bridge: A Map to Your College Success resource guide.


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