Your Children Can Go to College…Yes They Can!
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Lea Tus hijos pueden ir a la universidad. ¡Sí pueden! Guía de Acción para los Padres Inmigrantes creada por New York Immigration Coalition y Internationals Network for Public Schools.

 Your Children Can Go to College…Yes They Can! is a guide to help immigrant parents understand the college readiness process and begin to help their children prepare for college. 

Approximately 60 percent of NYC students are immigrants or children of immigrants, and 40 percent of New York City public school students have a parent that speaks a language other than English at home.  For many of these parents – new immigrants still learning English who never went to college themselves – the American system of higher education and financial aid is overwhelmingly complicated.

Our college guide provides immigrant parents with an easy-to-read entry point into a complicated process.  Our core message addresses the specific concerns of immigrant parents that we heard about in focus groups conducted across the City.  Expert advice is presented in the format of engaging personal stories of immigrant families together with action-oriented guidance that shows parents how to do what is recommended.  The guide is written at the 6th grade reading level and will be translated into multiple languages.

 Specifically, immigrant parents reading the guide will be able to:

  • Understand the basics of financial aid and college selection;
  • Develop self-confidence to achieve 3 concrete things recommended by the college guide:
  1. create a team for support and help
  2. visit some colleges with your children
  3. ask for specialized help from your school or an outside organization
  • Understand that barriers to college for their children are systemic in nature and not isolated personal problems related to their specific family;
  • Develop a sense that, despite the barriers, college is attainable for their family; and
  • View their fellow parents as resources to collectively address the systemic barriers.


Our college guide is the result of a collaboration among the New York Immigration Coalition and many of its member and partner organizations including, the Internationals Network for Public Schools, the New York City Department of Education, the City University of New York, NYC College Line, and Citibank.  We are engaging several media partners and a wide range of community-based organizations to distribute the guide and raise awareness of the college readiness process among immigrant families. The hard copy of the guide will be available at their locations and accessible online on the web as well. Parent workshops based on our Guide will also be available citywide at schools, CBOs and through our various partner organizations.

閱讀由『紐約移民聯盟』的教育[合作項目及『公校國際學生聯盟[CUNY1] ,]共同編寫的移民父母行動指導手冊《你的孩子可以上大學。是的他們可以!》

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