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5 Things to Know About the Early FAFSA (Video)

VIDEO  |  In less than 30-minutes, expert college counselor Sandy Jimenez of Options Center, tells us what we need to know about early FAFSA. Filing dates, how to best prepare, new terms and acronyms. Get your pen, paper and maybe some popcorn to learn all the new ins and outs of this early financial aid filing process.  Read more  


Appealing a Financial Aid Package

DOCUMENT  |  This documents guides counselors in helping students appeal financial aid packages. It reviews when students should appeal their package, how to appeal, who to appeal to, and tips for calling and writing letters to the financial aid office.  Read more  


Applying for and Managing Loans

DOCUMENT  |  This tool guides students through the steps of applying for loans, managing loans while in school, and repaying loans. It provides detailed information on the steps students must take and decisions they need to make to help pay for college and be able to pay off their debt.  Read more  


Applying for Financial Aid - Overview

DOCUMENT  |  This overview, developed by the Options Center, describes the key steps in applying for financial aid including basic information about filing the FAFSA, receiving the Student Aid Report, filling out the CSS Profile, the TAP application, other applications, verification, and loans. It is a useful tool for students, parents, and counselors.  Read more  


Checklist to Apply for Financial Aid

DOCUMENT  |  This checklist, developed by the Options Center, lists the steps necessary to file the FAFSA, CSS Profile, and TAP. It includes steps students must take to follow-up once the forms are submitted.  Read more  


College Interviews

DOCUMENT  |  This resource helps students with college interviews by describing what to expect, questions that may be asked, how to prepare, and the importance of asking questions.  Read more  


College Research Chart

DOCUMENT  |  This helpful tool can be used by college advisors/counselors and students to organize their college research to keep track of different college qualities and whether they match what the student is looking for in a college.  Read more  


College Time Management Activity and Schedule

DOCUMENT  |  This activity guides students through figuring out a weekly schedule at college. It includes a template for planning out classes and other activities. Students work on their time management skills by finding time for mandatory activities like classes and work, and more flexible activities like studying, partying, and extracurricular activities.  Read more  


College Wish List

DOCUMENT  |  This is a checklist for students to use when trying to determine what qualities they are looking for in a college. It helps determine what type of setting, academic programs, extracurricular activities, support, and locations a student is looking for.  Read more  


Creating a Resume

DOCUMENT  |  This tool helps students design, organize, and determine what to include in their resume. It includes examples and a chart the student can fill out to determine what to include.  Read more  


CUNY Special Programs

DOCUMENT  |  This resource describes various support programs available at CUNY (City University of New York) including CLIP, CUNY Start, ASAP, and immersion programs. It includes financial, academic, and additional eligibility requirements, and supports provided.  Read more  


Developing a Strategic List of Colleges for Each Student

DOCUMENT  |  This is a tool for counselors and advisors to help develop strong, well-balanced college lists with their students. It includes the dos and don'ts of good college lists, the process for creating a list, as well as how to assess difficulty and what college criteria to take into account.  Read more  


Educational Alternatives Programs

DOCUMENT  |  This is a list of programs that are an alternative to college, including accreditation programs, gap-year programs, apprenticeships, and many more. It includes a brief description of each and is a great resource for counseling students who are not sure if college is the right next step for them.  Read more  


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