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Understanding Percentiles and Medians

DOCUMENT  |  This document clearly and concisely explains percentiles and medians. It is helpful for understanding grades and scores and how they relate to whether a college is a most, moderately, or least difficult fit (reach, target, or safety).  Read more  


Understanding PSAT/NMSQT Scores

DOCUMENT  |  More than 3.5 million students take the test each year. Approximately 1.5 million of those students are high school juniors (11th graders), and the remainder are students in the tenth grade (sophomores) or younger. Nearly all students who take the test indicate they plan to attend college.  Read more  


Upward Bound

PROGRAM  |  We are a supplemental college preparatory year-round program for high school students throughout the New York Metropolitan Area. The major purpose of the program is to provide academic support and college preparatory services to ensure the students’ successful completion of high school and entry into post secondary education.  Read more  


Urban Dove - College All-Stars

PROGRAM  |  College All-Stars is an early college awareness program whose mission is to provide at-risk youth with the tools necessary to apply, gain acceptance, and succeed at a college or university that best fit’s their specific needs. This is accomplished through 4 major program components: weekly workshops, one on one counseling, a full year of free Kaplan SAT Prep, and overnight and daycollege tours.  Read more  


Washington Post Answer Sheet Blog

WEBSITE  |  A blog helping parents get themselves and their children through the college admission process and helping teachers with issues encountered in the classroom and changes in education policy that affects their teaching.  Read more  


What's My GPA on a 4.0 Scale

WEBSITE  |  This is a GPA conversion chart that allows students and counselors to convert GPA on a 100-point scale into GPA on a 4.0 scale, and the letter grade that correlates too.  Read more  



PROGRAM  |  Do you need financial assistance to pursue a passion after school or in the summer? Wishbone can support you in attending an extracurricular program of your choice!  Read more  


Writing a Recommendation

DOCUMENT  |  This tool includes tips for writing college recommendations for students. It details the objectives of writing recommendations and how to effectively meet them. It also includes an outline template.  Read more  


Writing the Personal Statement

WEBSITE  |  There are times when the personal statement and college essay are the same, and there are times when they are not. Usually around 250 words, personal statements are brief and shorter than college essays. Here are some tips to help you tell more about yourself in your personal statement.   Read more  


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