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Washington Post Answer Sheet Blog

WEBSITE  |  A blog helping parents get themselves and their children through the college admission process and helping teachers with issues encountered in the classroom and changes in education policy that affects their teaching.  Read more  



WEBSITE  |  A website that equips job seekers with the advice, research, and inspiration they need to plan and achieve a successful career. (FROM SITE)  Read more  


What to Look for in a College and Researching Colleges

DOCUMENT  |  This document helps a student decide what they are looking for in colleges, including factors to keep in mind while exploring. It also includes a college research guide which has information about tools, where to find them, how to use available resources, and what to look for.  Read more  


What's My GPA on a 4.0 Scale

WEBSITE  |  This is a GPA conversion chart that allows students and counselors to convert GPA on a 100-point scale into GPA on a 4.0 scale, and the letter grade that correlates too.  Read more  


Wheelchair Athletics

WEBSITE  |  This website provides information about Wheelchair Athletics at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, the 2012 Men's and Women's Wheelchair Basketball National Champions.  Read more  



WEBSITE  |  A free online resource that helps match students with their ideal colleges based on personality, academics and budget. In addition, it helps students find scholarships, explore careers, and stay organized during the application process. (ADAPTED FROM SITE)  Read more  


Yahoo Education

WEBSITE  |  A website for students to explore colleges, degree programs and careers. Yahoo Education has college search tools and articles about college and careers.  Read more  


You Can Go

WEBSITE  |  A website created by The College Board containing college planning tips and tools for finding the right college match, completing applications and preparing for SAT's AP exams, PSAT/NMSQT exams. The site also has lots and lots of original videos of real college students talking about their challenges and success.  Read more  



WEBSITE  |  YouCanToo!’s mission is to empower adult learners to reach their educational and career goals.  Read more  



WEBSITE  |  A website that offers college and career exploration videos, as well as other resources to help students connect to other students and share their stories.  Read more  


Your Children Can Go to College…Yes They Can!

DOCUMENT  |  閱讀由『紐約移民聯盟』的教育合作項目及『公校國際學生聯盟』共同編寫的移民父母行動指導手冊《你的孩子可以上大學.是的他們可以!》 Lea Tus hijos pueden ir a la universidad. ¡Sí pueden! Guía de...  Read more  


Youth Success NYC

WEBSITE  |  A website dedicated to giving teens the information they need to be successful while in foster care and when they leave foster care. Many stories...  Read more  



WEBSITE  |  A website that let students connect with, get recruited by, and interact with colleges and universities worldwide, as well as match students to any scholarship out there.  Read more  


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