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Careers and Colleges

WEBSITE  |  A search site for colleges and scholarships that also features test prep resources and articles. CollegeXpress.com (formerly Careersandcolleges.com) has advice for high school students in the form of podcasts, blogs, and articles related to college admission, financial aid for students.  Read more  


Center for Achieving Future Education

PROGRAM  |  The Center for Achieving Future Education (CAFÉ) provides guidance and transition services for middle school to high school to college. CAFÉ provides counseling, assists with high school selection, application process, workshops, college application process, financial aid, conducts college visits, supports annual college fairs, assists with registration for SAT/ACT preparation, scholarship assistance, and College preparation.  Read more  


The Choice (New York Times)

WEBSITE  |  An educational blog featuring a panel of experts that try to address queries on issues ranging from financial aid to how to improve your chances of being admitted off a waitlist. The Choice is for students and counselors.  Read more  


City University of New York (CUNY)

WEBSITE  |  The official website of the City University of New York (CUNY). It provides frequent updates about news and events at CUNY, and allows current and future students to find information about admissions, academics, and financial aid.  Read more  


College Access Consortium of New York (CACNY)

WEBSITE  |  A network of community- based organizations, colleges, and secondary schools committed to assisting students in obtaining admission into institutions of higher education, for potential students. CACNY meets monthly and brings together college advisers, program managers, and college admissions professionals in order to increase their knowledge about college access and completion in order to better support students in NYC.  Read more  


College Admissions 411

VIDEO  |  A Spanish-language television series that provides a step-by-step guide for applying to college (available in Spanish and English). This is for junior & high school students, their families, their school and community organizations.  Read more  


College Atlas

WEBSITE  |  A college search site designed to help students find the best college suited towards their needs. College Atlas includes rankings for private, public, and online colleges.   Read more  


College Board

WEBSITE  |  A site that focuses on college readiness, college connection and success as well as advocacy for students and counselors. Collegeboard.org contains information on SATs, PSATs, AP exams, as well as information on colleges and universities all over the country.  Read more  


The College Bound Organizer

DOCUMENT  |  The College Bound Organizer is the ultimate guide to successful college applications. The book helps college bound students stay organized from search through admission.   Read more  


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