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National College Access Network (NCAN)

WEBSITE  |  A professional network that helps organizations better serve their students better by providing programs with up-to-date tools and resources, connecting them to each other, and informing them of developments in the field. NCAN hosts an annual conference, publishes reports and supports college advocacy efforts across the country.  Read more  


New Futuro

WEBSITE  |  New Futuro hosts the largest scholarship tracker for Latinos in the nation. You can find scholarships, save interesting opportunities and apply to...  Read more  


Next Step U

WEBSITE  |  A website that aims to help students find the right path by producing college, career and life planning guides for high school students, counselors, and parents.  Read more  


NY Colleges

WEBSITE  |  NY Colleges is a website that provides information and resources for college planning, specifically for private colleges in New York. Students can find information about private colleges and financial aid.  Read more  


NY Creative Interns

WEBSITE  |  A website that hosts various events which allow college students, interns and recent grads to network, meet professionals, get career advice and make new friends.  Read more  


NYC Single Stop Search

WEBSITE  |  Single Stop USA builds economic security for individuals and families across the country by increasing access to public benefits, tax credits and...  Read more  


Options Application Companion to the FAFSA (with screenshots)

DOCUMENT  |  The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the most important financial aid application; it is the main application for federal grants and loans as well the basis for both New York State and private college grants. All students eligible to file the FAFSA should do so, even if they don’t think they will receive federal aid. Many colleges use information from the FAFSA to allocate their own financial aid funds. This companion document has step-by-step directions, and screenshots of the application, to help you complete it correctly and on time. Ask an adviser about submitting the FAFSA  Read more  


Options Application Companion to the TAP Application (with screenshots)

DOCUMENT  |  The Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) is a grant for New York state residents going to New York State colleges or universities. Eligible students could potentially receive a grant of $5,000 a year towards tuition at the NYS school of their choice. This document has step-by-step directions, and screenshots of the application, to help you complete it correctly and on time.  Read more  


Options Center

PROGRAM  |  Goddard Riverside's Options Center assists young people to gain access to and complete college and trains other professionals to do the same.   Read more  


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