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While you are in college, you can use your summers to get coursework out of the way, gain important work experience, and earn money.


  • Will financial aid pay for my summer classes?

    Yes, in some cases. Usually any financial aid you have left over from the previous fall and spring semesters can be applied toward summer courses. Check with your college’s Financial Aid Office to learn more. In New York State, there are some requirements that you must meet in order for TAP to cover your classes; check out this link   ( with the specific information.

  • Is it worth it to have an unpaid summer opportunity/internship?

    Internships are about more than money. You also gain valuable work experience, skills, and knowledge and make professional connections. Of course a paid internship is more immediately desirable, but future rewards may outweigh immediate ones. Acquiring skills, developing a solid work background and establishing a strong professional network will pay in the long run.

  • Can I stay on campus during the summer?

    You usually can stay on campus during the summer if you are taking summer courses or working on campus. However, you may have to live in a different room or residential hall.  Colleges may allow you to stay on campus based on other personal circumstances as well. Check with your resident life office.

  • I just got my new financial aid package letter – what do I do with it?

    The letter should clearly list the total cost of attendance at the college and the total amount of financial aid you are eligible to receive. This information will let you know how much you would need to pay out of pocket or take out in loan money to attend the college. It may be different from your package the prior year, so it is crucial to look at it carefully. If you have trouble understanding your renewal package, contact the college’s financial aid office. It may help to review your letter with a professional college adviser.

  • Where can I find a summer job? A summer internship? A summer program?

    First, check to see if your college has an office of internships or a career services office. They may help you find summer opportunities on or off campus. There are SUNY Educational Opportunity Centers (EOCs) in each NYC borough that can help you find programs, jobs, and internships. NYC’s Workforce 1 and Summer Youth Employment Program can help students find jobs as well.

  • I’m at a CUNY school; can I take classes at a different CUNY school over the summer?

    Yes, but you must get permission from both schools first. Start by finding the course you want and which colleges offer it. There may be specific requirements around which classes you can take outside of your college.

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